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Trizonia is a green island in the Corinthian Gulf, the only inhabited in the area. The unknown, to many, this island has a beautiful natural harbor, anchorage for boats and luxury yachts. Along the coast there are many traditional taverns, restaurants and cafes to enjoy the magnificent scenery that unfolds before you. You can choose one of the leeward beaches of the gulf for swimming or evening stroll.

The island has retained its traditional local colour and the natural beauty and wheeled are prohibited (cars-motorbikes prohibited). Distance from Athens is 240 km and from Patras 40 miles. It is located 500 meters from the coast, opposite the village of Glyfada. The island is accessible by regular communication via boat from the village of Hania, which is 25 km from Nafpaktos.

The island has three beaches. The largest, with reddish sand, is the place Punta 2 km. Southeast of the port two more small beaches called White Rubble and Kapsali, on the south and west sides respectively of the island, opposite the Peloponnese.

Access is by boat found in "Hania" and will take you to the island within 5 minutes.


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Access with buses KTEL Fokidas, for the winter and summer itineraries press here.


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Monastiraki is built on the slope, right off the highway Nafpaktos - Itea and reaches down the sea, where is the homonymous bay of the Corinthian Gulf.

It is a coastal village, picturesque and beautiful. It has designated by Royal Decree and Ministerial Decision as a tourist place with great natural beauty, since it is built amphitheatrically around the sea and strongly reminiscent island.

Monastiraki Fokidas is just 12 km from Nafpaktos. It is a village built amphitheatrically around the sea. The reference point of the village is the picturesque harbor around which there are many taverns, restaurants and cafes where you can enjoy to eat and drink coffee. It is an ideal place for spring walks and summer holidays. It also has several hotels and apartments for your stay.

Access with buses KTEL Fokidas,  see winter and summer itineraries here.


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