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The beautiful Itea built deep in Crissaean Gulf extends together with the neighboring Kirra, along the coastal area of ​​the homonymous valley, the Crissaean Plain and it is the south end of the famous landscape of Delphi.

Newer town Itea founded in 1830, f due to a series of favorable circumstances became soon an important commercial hub. The present population is about 9,000 people.

Access to the city is easy, either by sea - has a good passenger and commercial port and from shore - connection to major roads in the country.

It is the exit to the sea, not only for the Department - the port of Amfissa and Delphi - and Central Greece.

The sophisticated Marina has an anchorage capacity of 250 vessels and is a good solution for vessel owners even from Attica.

The beaches of "Trocadero" and "Miami" honored with "Blue Flags", gather many bathers as well as beaches of "Xenia" and "Annunciation". There are also other beautiful beaches (Vrahakia, Ai-Yiannis) that will satisfy even the most discerning guest. The city is able to host and hosting major events, such as rallies "Acropolis" and "Olympion" swimming world-wide competitions, conferences, etc. Various events - sports (basketball, swimming, cycling), cultural (Nautical Week, carnival, Itea Koulouma, concerts).




Ancient path Kirra- Delphi

The path of Kirra - Delphi starts from the sea from the port of Kirra in the northern Gulf of Corinth and after crossing the overgrown with Krissaios Field olive (olive grove of Amfissa), which was in ancient times the Pythian Hippodrome Delphi the Pythian Games were held, reached by climbing the slopes of Mountain Parnassos, on the site of Delphi. The same route followed by pilgrims to reach the famous oracle when disembarking in ancient Kirra.The same path crossed those taking part in the program.


Access with buses KTEL Fokidas, see winter and summer itineraries here.

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