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Also known as "Salona". The historical town, which is currently the capital of the Municipality of Delphi. is located a mere 20 minutes from Delphi at the foothills of Mount Giona, beneath the legendary Castle of Salona. Over the centuries, it encountered conquerors and revolutionists that not only determined the fate of the city, as well as the wider region.

It had the honor of being the global olive production hub with the famous olive grove that dominates in the open horizon. A place of tradition that brought unique occupations from the Greek countryside, such as tanners, rope makers, and bell makers to light; occupations that still exist, but are scarce. Particularly in the awarded area of Harmaina (European excellence award "EDEN 2011").

The beautiful manors and the fragrance-filled courtyards take you back to yesteryear.





On the last Saturday of the Carnival, the impressive Legend of the "Ghost of Harmaina" is re-enacted.

Harmaina has been awarded by the EU with the EDEN2011 award.

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The Archeological Museum of Amphissa offers the visitor a full view and a historical account of ancient Fokida. It hosts findings that originate from Amphissa and other places in the Prefecture of Fokida, which concern the centuries that date back to the Copper Age to the early Byzantine period. The museum is housed in a typical two-story urban residence of the early 20th century, one of the very few of its kind that have been preserved in the city. The museum is interesting in terms of its exhibits and period that it represents and it simultaneously marks the history of both the people of Salona and of Modern Greece. Except for the exhibits concerning the history of Amphissa and other areas of Fokida, the educational exhibit on the history of the coinage holds a special place.

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Access with buses KTEL Fokidas, see winter and summer itineraries here.




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